In addition to being health care providers, dentists are small business owners, with considerable fiscal and management responsibility. Richard A. Green, D.D.S., M.B.A. (a.k.a. Rich Green), who is a Director Emeritus of The Pankey Institute, has created Evergreen Consulting Group, Inc., to continue his work encouraging and assisting dentists in making the personal choices that will shape their practices according to their personal vision of success to achieve their preferred future in dentistry.

Dr. Richard Green
A thought provoking and motivating facilitator and speaker, Rich Green has been associated with The Pankey Institute for over 32 years. As the Institute's Director of Business Systems Development until May 2004, he was responsible for developing curriculum and software which make it feasible for busy dentists to learn and implement financial management with resulting financial health in both their personal and practice lives.

Rich received his dental degree from Northwestern University in 1966. While maintaining his private practice in Hinsdale, IL, he became involved in the management aspects of dentistry, and in 1981, he joined Selection Research Incorporated, a.k.a. The Gallup Organization, as a part-time associate. This relationship and his interest in management led to his graduation in 1992 with a Masters in Business Administration from The Keller Graduate School of Management in Chicago.

Rich Green will inspire you to initiate changes and take steps that are doable, manageable and consistent with your vision. Each will produce measurable improvements that will pay off for the rest of your personal and professional life. He can help you better understand yourself, your team, your patients and the choices that will shape your preferred future in dentistry. In a one-on-one, individualized consulting capacity, he can help you measure and celebrate your progress, and best of all confidently keep you on track!