Richard A. Green, DDS, MBA


  • Extensive background in business development and management with 28 years progressive experience.
  • Strong knowledge and competence in financial planning and practice management. Highly effective in assisting dentists with controlling costs through systematic fiscal projections and efficiently managing services. Experienced in both one on one and group education and training settings.
  • Committed to the professional development of human resources and helping others achieve goals. Promotes fostering strong employee relations and team management for attaining high productivity from staff members.


CEO of Evergreen Consulting Group, Inc. May 2004 - Present

Director of Business Systems Development 1994 - May 2004
The Pankey Institute, Key Biscayne, Florida

Responsible for developing programs in the business systems and financial management arena which assist dentists in learning and implementing financial health and management in their personal and practice lives. Has instituted a comprehensive patient/staff survey program in conjunction with The Gallup Organization (a.k.a. Selection Research Corporation) as well as developed Practice Management and Financial systems currently used in curriculum. Has produced computerized management income statements and accounting forms which can be easily used by practitioners in the office environment.

Has been fundamental in counseling and instructing both individually and in the classroom setting to guide students in utilizing the processes which improve professional and personal financial health and practice management.

Richard A. Green, DDS, Ltd. 1967 - 1991
Private Restorative Dental Practice
Hinsdale, IL

Successfully developed and managed a private dental practice with an on-premise lab for 24 years. In the late 1980's grossed $500,000 in annual revenue with staff of 7. Ensured on-time, quality delivery of service via a well-developed staff with like primary objectives.

In addition to providing direct patient care, oversaw all aspects of the business administration and operations. Managed the finances, identified revenue-generating services and related profit percentages from each. Oversaw general accounting practices, interpreted financial statements, and worked closely with corporate accountant in reviewing fiscal status. Planned, implemented and reviewed personal and professional investments regularly to ensure financial success.

Employed a developmental management approach that focused on team building and appropriate selection of personnel to augment the function of the practice. Identified strengths of individuals and utilized talents which resulted in employee growth, greater job satisfaction, and cost effective service. Supported continuing education of employees and developed various compensation packages.

Built the practice by providing consistent service to clientele and a personable approach in meeting their dental health needs. By educating patients, presenting options and offering choices, sound patient relations were developed. The practice received a high rate of referral business in a densely populated corporate region. Communicated on personal and professional levels with clients.

Implemented a computer system to manage patient scheduling, business accounting and insurance billing activity.

Sold the practice in 1989, remaining active in the business until 1991.

Associate Faculty Member/Instructor 1974 - 1994
The Pankey Institute, Key Biscayne, Florida

Developed and conducted in-depth training programs for dental professionals approximately two to six weeks per year. Presented the dynamics of developing a practice from both technical and business standpoints to individuals and groups. Focused on employee relations, team productivity, and understanding the correlationships of their business statistics and performance.

Independent Management Consultant 1980-1994

Contracted for management services to assist dentists in the initiation and development of their practice, financial planning, achieving technical efficiency and creating a cohesive staff. Provided additional insight and education in the coordination of technical services. Contributed to problem solving and troubleshooting internal procedures.


M.B.A., Keller Graduate School of Management, Chicago, IL, 1992
Rotating Dental Internship, Denver General Hospital, Denver, CO, 1996-67
D.D.S., Northwestern University Dental School, Chicago, IL, 1962-66
Pre-dental Undergraduate, North Park College, Chicago, IL, 1960-62

Specialized Certificate Training:
Selection Research, Inc., Certified Perceiver of Strength and Talent
CMS Associates, Personal and Professional Growth, Management Development, Team Building
University Associates, Personal Growth, Situational Leadership, Management Development
Faith-at-Work, Leadership Training Institute One, Two and Three, focusing on the subjects of Personal Growth Group Dynamics, and Facilitative Processes.

L.D. Pankey Institute, C-1 through C-4 and numerous collateral programs